The Amazing Race(Swap)

The Fix Volume One Review by Amani Cooper

Weird Detective #4

Weird Detective #4 – Review

Weird Detective #4

COVERED! Sept. 14th, 2016

5 Awesome Moments from TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE

TotL – 5 Awesome Moments from TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE

5 Awesome Moments from TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE

Geeks of the Square Table: Episode 141 – September 14th, 2016


Retrospective Review: Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Director: Sean S. Cunningham Producer: Steven Miner Screenplay: Victor Miller Cast: Adrienne King Harry Crosby Betsy Palmer Laurie Bartram Kevin Bacon Robbi Morgan Jeanine Taylor Peter Brouwer Walt Gorney as Crazy Ralph Special Effects: Tom Savini Score:...



SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE! BLOODBATH CONTINUES He’s still on the loose and claiming more readers Parody one-shot SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE! written by Todd McFarlane, President of Image Comics and the creator of SPAWN and featuring art by J.J. Kirby is being rushed...

Trinity #1

TRINITY #1 – Review

Writer: Francis Manapul Penciller: Francis Manapul Inker: Francis Manapul Colors: Francis Manapul Letterer: Steve Wands Publisher: DC Comics Story Lois Lane loves her family, but she’s knows her husband too well. Not only is he the most powerful man on...


Batman: The Fallen Knight Act 4

Batman: The Fallen Knight Act Four Scene 1 Bruce Wayne sitting by his fireplace in Wayne Manor staring into the flame. The doorbell rings so he gets up and opens the door to see Professor Hugo Strange holding a briefcase....


Happy Birthday, Mr. Henson

You have to understand.  I never believed in it. Magic, I mean. To change the fundamental laws of the Universe with gestures or words? It’s silly to even think that way. But, magicians, wizards and sorcerers? They’re real.  I’ve seen...


Dark Corridor 1-7 Review

Writer:Rich Tomasso Artist:Rich Tomasso Image Comics When I asked for this book to review; I knew NOTHING about it having only gone by the somewhat spooky cover and the promise of a possible horror anthology book ala “Twilight Zone” or a...


Avengers: Death Trap: The Vault review

Avengers: Death Trap: The Vault Written by Danny Fingeroth Artist: Ron Lim I remember the comic ads for this one. a toothsome venom surrounded by the worst of the worst with the avengers (largely the west coast cast) smack dab...


CYBORG #1 – Review

Writer: John Sempter Jr. Penciller: Paul Pelletier Inkers: Tony Kordos and Scott Hanna Colorist: Guy Major Letter: Rob Leigh Publisher: DC Comics Story “The Imitation of Life Part One: Awakening,” has Cyborg trying to deal with revelation he learned last...