Marvel Cancelling 33 Comics!

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  1. Titles we won’t see for the foreseeable future anyways.

  2. Al says:

    They cancelled pretty much all their books, so if you don’t read Secret Wars, you don’t have to buy any Marvel books for a while.

  3. Marty Lloyd says:

    Is anything going to continue with its current numbering?

    • Gaumer says:

      It’s not know for sure, but newer books Howard the Duck, All-New Hawkeye, and Spider-Gwen are bound to keep going.

    • Neoxon says:

      I know Spider-Gwen, Silk, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Ant-Man, All-New Hawkeye, & Howard the Duck will continue as normal & will act as stuff that happened before Secret Wars.

    • It “shouldn’t.” I think it’s more appealing to new collectors to have fresh “#1’s” to start with.. it’s tough when you come into a comic and you are already at #238.

      • Lee says:

        It seems there are “new” #1 books coming out at least 2 or 3 times a year. As a collector of amazing spider-man, this book should be well into the 700’s by now, but Marvel has to keep trying to dummy up sales and act like they actually give a shit about the collectors who have been putting food on their tables for DECADES!!!

  4. CCM says:

    Thank God they are doing away with the new ironman. too bad about sm2099 though. i liked it from its first run almost 30 years ago.

  5. Wait! Uncanny X-Men, Amazing X-Men, All-New X-Men AND X-Men are all going to be cancelled?! If they leave Wolverine and the X-Men as the only running x-title I’m going to be violently ill!

    • Municipal_Rabbit says:

      Its been rumered that Marvel is going to cancel all X-Men books and move members to different teams in a “screw you” to Fox to not wanting to work with their Marvel Studios movie line. They already are done with Fantastic Four and in Jan of this year they were talking about killing off Deadpool in issue 250 in April. If that actually means they are killing him, it’s even more to prove they are trying to screw over Fox.

    • Oby Rodriguez says:

      They cancelled wolverine and the x-men a few months back to make room for spider man and the x-men. So I think all xbooks are getting cancelled.

    • Nathan says:

      Wolverine and the X-men ended with the Death of Wolverine. Some of the X-men titles will be back. X-men is to popular for Marvel to end all their titles.

  6. Part of these titles will get the corresponding titles

  7. Noooo! Not Spider-man & the X-Men! I’ve been loving that series thus far.

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