Top 10 Reason Why Doom 4 SUCKS

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  1. Lel says:

    lol, after writing this review with poor use of punctuation and spelling, you probably kicked on your X-BOX one and started playing Call of Duty 3, and Halo 4.

  2. peashooter says:

    Doom 1 was about killing shit and unloading clips of ammo, not shooting shit that explodes into bags of candy. Then they added that whole element of gore sex in Doom 4 wtf is with this shit? Did I mention 3 fucking bosses? You practically fight them in a boxing ring with your weapons because reduced space is cool in fighting heels with Godzilla and the Hulk. The cyber demon looks too cute for something menacing, want to experience this games flaws? Turn on god mode and walk slow as shit in a straight line.

  3. Bob says:

    This game is far from perfect but you sound like a whiny little brat and your points are garbage. If you wanted to complain about it you could have at least brought up the sudden ending or the lack of choices during the plot line. Instead you whine about the most mundane things. The only issue you mentioned that was actually a problem was the slowness of the player. Other then that you have worthless opinions. Even telling people to go watch you livestream this game you just failed at roasting? Are you for real? Why this review is taken seriously by anyone is the only abomination here. I bet you went right back and played halo 1 after this and were slobbering all over you master cheif body pillow too when you finished this masterpiece. Shut up child. You’ll never make it as a game critic or a livestreamer.

  4. DoomFan says:

    I agree with the reviewer, this is a very disappointing game compared to the originals. It’s for the console crowd, who must be idiots, because they just won’t stop dumbing those games down for them. I do think it is better than Doom 3 though, but I was still bored playing this. I was never bored playing the originals. Guess I’ll go back to them!

  5. Darrin says:

    Calm down and stop bitching. Go outside into the world and meet some friends. Also go to the beach. If that doesn’t work you out enough go to the gym and work out. Stop being pissed because you have no idea what goes into creating a game. Bitching is not the way. If you were on the team you’d be happy and complaining why someone is writing this shitty review about your game.

    Give me a break, what you learned coding how to say “Hello” and now your a fucking programmer??!! Get your dick out of your ass and learn how to have fun outside of virtual gaming.

    Halo sucks just as much as any other suck ass game anyways, I played it and the maps are huge while being super slow. Always remember I.D. beat everyone to the punch. Learn how to make a proper model and then apply it to a game engine and then talk shit. Its not as easy as you think. And if you think properly applying this object to a game engine is hard, try making a good damn game!

    I should report your ass to the FBI or cops for threatening everyone on top of it you asshole. “There’s going to be a mass shooting?”

    Your a classy pussy and thank you for your shitty review. I get that your mad but for some reason it sounds like your mad for another reason. Go see a psychiatrist and see how close I am to being right. Calm down and show some damned respect for these hard workers. Could you also stop pissing people like me off!?!? Man, I was reading out of curiosity all chill and now I am mad.

    Eat some veggies and go hit the gym and release some testosterone. This all meat and soda diet is killing you never mind your anger issues. Fix it for the better of life please do.

    • Some Guy says:

      Wow. You sure where triggered. Maybe you and the author can go to counseling together.

    • John Travolta says:

      What goes “into a game” is a lame ad hominem attack which has nothing to do with a review of a game… nothing.

      The game has problems…. What went into the game was problems… IMO…

      If you like the game great. I think it sucks…

  6. olddude says:

    Played it, bought it, returned it. Multiplayer is a slap in the face. Single player is ok, but feels slow to me. I grew up fragging in quake, not doom, but i was hoping they were really going to make an arena shooter, which is not what this is. Sad really. I blame corporate interests. They do not want another game that people will rally around because that doesnt make sequels every year. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed my 30 bucks for the three days you had it.

  7. gadg says:

    games shit…..nuff said.

  8. blinky says:

    I saw this knife in the dark coming at $80 which in todays post Pokemon world is ridiculous, on top of that it just didn’t sit well with some of us maybe its the over abundance of raw violence or just over the top gore fest. Looking at the screens and trailers all I could conjure was the Doom guy running around with a spoon and slaughtering everything in their path with skittles exploding everywhere and somewhere in those chunks of innards are health and power drops. I waited for crapfest testers to hopefully release some cheesy two liners about the severed head of at the end of the game as none other than Trump uh I mean Todd Howard or whoever the fuck runs this business now with a giant nose bleed.

    • Joe says:

      Trump, huh? I guess it makes sense, seeing as Donald Trump has everything to do with this fucking game. Holy cow, is it something pathological with people like you? Were you shaken as a baby?

  9. Ken fung says:

    Bought on steam discount and refunded.

  10. Heianderen says:

    11. The stupid consolized level editor.

  11. KamFire says:

    Most of anyone’s point in these comments are complete shit and sound all whiny and dumb. Like “the graphics are bland.” How could you say that, bethesda put so much effort into making those graphics as cool as possible and you just say its shit without a proper explanation. Also people who say the game is slow is autistic i mean if the game was as fast as the original then the combat would be spastic, plus if you want to play doom the original way play the original levels.
    I also dont get people saying that their arent enough enemys, they also say that “back in the old days we could have like 12 enemys at once” well i say that you must played the game blind becuase i have seen more than 12.
    Also someone said the guns are shit… well ur stupid because then ur just saying all doom weapons ever were shit. And dumb could you get by saying the plasma rifle is slow, it as fast as it could get, also the super shotgun is a pea shooter, ur a brat, in the hardest difficulty i could take down a revenent in 3 hits. If you want to play the game in a non proper way then play easy mode and maybe, just maybe you’ll get somewhere.

  12. cerealbummer says:

    glad I just rented it, played the first level and was already bored, not that its not challenging but this game has only 2 speed, slow as fuck or lightspeed, I mean when the enemies keep spawning it is very intense but at the same time there’s no surprise element like in doom 3, you never knew where the enemies were gonna come from and I could not stop playing it, I always wanted to get further, I didn’t get this feeling in this game.

  13. Malco says:

    Doom 4 sucks, I literally typed that in goog after I reached level 2, doom 2 and so on, anything with that engine is the best and way more realistic than this crap. This game is dumb and childish. It does feel like halo or something silly like that, and it’s supposed to be doom!

  14. Paolo says:

    Doom 4 is a pathetic piece of garbage. Here are my points:
    – it’s slow. I mean, it’s very very very slow. It’s for retarded people who won’t last 3 seconds in a DooM2 megawad like Scythe or Hell Revealed.
    – the weapons are ridicolous, and not realistic. Doom original weapons bring pain and death, these are fucking jokes. When I play Doom, I want to bring fucking EXTERMINATION. All hail Brutal Doom, who perfectly understand the spirit of the original Doom and Doom 2 and takes it even further.
    – the number of enemy on screen. Pathetic. Try for exampe Scythe Map 26, Fear, and compare it to this pathetic piece of garbage. You begin with around 400 very very big enemies (included around 10 cyberdemons). You have to run like hell or you’ll be dead in 3 seconds. On the whole level, which is really just a big hellish cave, there are around 700 enemies. There are so many, that the cacodemons will obscure the skies, and the hordes of revenants and barons of hell will make impossible to walk through. That’s what is really Doom.

    I found also the graphic boring, but that’s not the point. It’s just not interesting to play. The only people who can play this shit are 12 years old who grew up with Halo or CoD, who don’t know how the real Doom it is. Fine, go play your console games, but don’t dare call this garbage Doom, becaus it isn’t worthy of the name.

  15. Mike Krainas says:

    Doom 4 is absolutely pathetic. What the hell is Bethesda thinking?

  16. Chadthebaker says:

    doom 4 is a remake you mouth sluts, “it’s slow I don’t like this” take ur ass on snapmap and make urself a map that “goes as fast” as the fuck you want. “These guns suck they aren’t realistic and the plasma is too slow” since when were realistic guns in doom even a definite thing??? I didn’t know the BFG was a real thing and I didn’t know a plasma rifle could shoot any faster once I got the haste power up? They needed to nerf the rocket launcher because it was wayy too powerful for something in THIS DAY AND AGE while killing demons and the super shotgun is a pea shooter huh? Explain what it does whenyou use the specialization on it then. Normal shoot is 400 damage , specialization shoot 800 damage wgeres the nerf in that when a baron of hell’s life amount is only 600 ? That’s what I thought . “these graphics suck” I think your taste in grape cs sucks but nevertheless that opinion on YOURS isn’t a good enough reason to judge the entire game all around. “The maps are too small with bland overstylized scenery” it’s a metallic dungeon diving shoot em up game wtf else do u expect ? Halo sized maps where everything is a mile away from everything and the objective can only be reached using a vehicle ? Lol and what the actual fuck is “bland + overstylized scenery” like how can u be bland yet overstylized ? Lol next topic “they made do guy look like master chief damn near” okay this is where I’m triggered, DOOM CAME FIRST . PERIOD. Master chief is an ACTUAL copy cat of the doom slayer. In the year 2001 doom was getting its time. Until one day someone said “hey , let’s be like doom but better! Let’s give our doom guy actual armor , and instead of having to pick up those silly health packs let’s give him some magic battery shield that recharges once he’s away from the actual fight! Oh yeah and instead of DEMONS let’s make it realistic in this bitch let’s make em fight ALIENS yea totally different considering the fact that HELL IS BASICALLY ON Mars lol bottom line doom guy can’t be LIKE MASTER CHIEF when master chief has been trying to be a better doom guy since the very beginning. Proof is in the pudding u can look it up urself , halo copied the doom 1 cover using the flood instead of barons lmao anywayssssss next topic “the enemy count ohh” alright bro now you’re just a hater lmao. If u want to fight hella AI then like I said prior to the speed , take ur SAP ASS to snapmap and make yourself a map u actually like instead of bitching about shit on the internet lol

  17. Chadthebaker says:

    doom isnt a multiplayer based game wise guy it’s a demon slayer so before u act like CALL OF DUTY has anything to do with it , realize what you’re dealing with first. It’s a game about how great are you at killing demons, not how well can u run away from them and reload your gun lol bottom line if you think the game sucks it’s probably because you’ve died a shit ton and got so raged u had to make an article about it lmfao maybe the game doesn’t suck maybe you just do because the customizations on the engine used for it isn’t suitable for you lolololololololol

  18. Mr Berik says:

    Sounds about right. Probably the worst FPS of the previous year. An utter abomination.

  19. Meh says:

    I knew it sucked before it was even conceived, next sack of shit you ask? Quake Champions!

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Demon designs are bad also they took the iconic designs and made them ugly . I think the Cacodemon looks like some generic monster in a video game not the demonic meatball we’ve come to know and love and it has hands why ? It can’t use them it looks goofy at least in Doom 64 the hands they gave it did something the Cyberdemon looks okay not too bad but nothing to right home about but the Baron of Hell just doesn’t look right . Why is there cyberMancubus what ? It’s already cyber the canons on it’s arms that’s cyber enough that’s like saying there’s a cyber SpiderMasterMind it’s repetitive .

  21. Jack says:

    I hope you guys are trolling… If you don’t like it is OK but for sure DOOM 4 is not a bad game..

  22. QUAD849 says:

    I have to agree with “The plasma rifle shoots at such a ridiculously slow rate it’s not even funny”, freaking fan-made mods for Doom 3 looks better than the plasma gun we got on Doom 2016:

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