Dark Corridor 1-7 Review

Writer:Rich Tomasso

Artist:Rich Tomasso

Image Comics

darkcorridor_01-1When I asked for this book to review; I knew NOTHING about it having only gone by the somewhat spooky cover and the promise of a possible horror anthology book ala “Twilight Zone” or a straight horror like “Dark Shadows”. Well, be careful what you wish for. It was horrible, all right, and not in ANY of the good ways.

darkcorridor_02-1The story kind of follows a crime noir feel to it mixed with the very worst in action movie tropes. Our protagonist is a contracted hit man and criminal who follows a dog into the woods and just by co-incidence comes across a murder scene involving a man and wife hit squad team who have been stabbed by parties unknown. This person, like any “real (yeah, right) criminal immeadiatly calls over 3 OTHER criminals to split the take and basically just to get them involved in the story without an even MORE contrived reason to be there.

darkcorridor_03-1What follows is six issues and a coda of this hapless bastard just stumbling around while being perused by the REAL killer and her 6 well trained assassin girl friends while, on occasion, trying desperately to flesh out the back stories of the other characters. It’s a mess. The story is MASSIVELY uneven and the flashbacks to these killers and their motivations serve to slow down the story more then it really serves it.

darkcorridor_04-1This is a master class in what NOT to do with a comic. I had a really hard time pulling myself through it. The female gang of killers goes very quickly from being highly skilled and organized to sloppy as a lunch room Tuesday special when Tomasso figures out that, in the real world, these ladies would have made short work of the protagonist AND everyone involved.. so, he dumbs them down pretty quickly. It’s sloppy storytelling that i haven’t seen this badly executed since John Arcudi and anything HE does.

darkcorridor_05-1The art, also by Tomasso, is similarly atrocious and is almost a pain to look at. He draws as good as he writes with the lines looking more like they belong in “Dick Tracy” or “Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers” then any form of mainstream comic let alone one done by a company that made it’s bones on the art styles of Jim Lee, Rob Liefield or Todd McFarlane. (There’s one point where a dag barks and it’s in a word balloon). It’s a painful mess of art to have to sit through.

darkcorridor_06-1So, in conclusion.. give this a miss. I know I wish I did. This is 2 hours of my life I won’t get back and proves that not EVERY image comic can be “Invincible” or “Walking Dead”. Now, if you excuse me.. I have to go bleach my brain.

darkcorridor07_cvr585x900Rating: 1/10

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