Comicsgate and Move the Needle – should the industry be worried? P.T 1

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  1. Amani Cooper says:

    This right here is what I’m talking about!

  2. Chow Mein says:

    Well, I agree, and disagree with a great many things you have said.

    Iceman never had a “gay” undertone. Never. But this incident illustrates and essential compliant.
    Taking decades long, established characters, and radically changing them. It would be fine if the character was unpopular, or marginal. It is different when they have been a core character for decades. For example, I don’t mind a whit if Sam Wilson takes over for Steve Rogers. Why not? As long as Steve Rogers gets a decent send off, and some respect, who cares? Especially if Sam acts like Sam, and Steve is still Steve. I would mind a great deal if, say, Steve Rodgers is now a Nazi. Always was a Nazi. You just didn’t notice, stupid reader. That is just insulting.

    Iceman was never gay. he just wasn’t. not for decades. Not conceived that way, not portrayed that way. Until suddenly – now he’s gay! It is just the lamest approach possible.

    Worse, when someone complains, they are accused of being homophobic. You will take your gay Iceman and like it. The writers need to understand the characters don’t belong to them, they belong to the fans. And if you want to write a gay character, well, invent one, sell one, make it good. The fans will respond.

    I’ve noticed almost no push back on Wiccan being gay, or Hulkling. Why? Because they were gay from day one. And the comics are decently written.

  3. Wickerman says:

    To add to the previous comment – You can make a radical change to an established character. Why not? But you had better make it WORTH it. The point of making Iceman gay is…? So we can have more gay characters? That is not a story driven reason, that is an agenda driven reason, and the readers know the difference. If there is is NO story reason to retcon established characters, then you are a fool to do it.

    I remember when John Stewart was introduced as the new green lantern. People were a little concerned…but overall it was well received. It gave Hal Jordan a sort of break, and you didn’t destroy the history of Hal Jordan with the introduction, you added to the complexity of his character. Now there were two, followed by more. It was an interesting addition. It added to the overall story line.

  4. Thomas says:

    I totally agree with above comments, though I have never read Iceman. Another reason I think why people, myself included, don’t appreciate changes like these is because they feel (and factually are) grossly overproportional to reality. And to me it also feels… unimaginative. Chaning character’s gender or sexuality has become a fashion.

    Side note to the author, if you say “so-called ‘SJW'” then please also be so fair to say “so called ‘alt-right'”

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