The Gavel in the Court of Public Opinion has Sounded- Chris Hardwick is Guilty

Maria Beth

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  1. Hunter Kai says:

    You actually called for physical violence against someone. Asking for their head on a platter. This is getting shared everywhere and I hope you face some terriible backlash for it

    • Maria Beth says:

      I’m sorry, exactly how did I call for physical violence against someone?
      Not only would I suggest you need to re-read but I would posit you would benefit from considering the logic you are using as you wish ill will on someone attempting to promote reasonability and responsibility in media. In addition, I hope you yourself are not sharing the article (yes I just said that); to provide some insight, that helps it reach more people so if the message bothers you or goes against your belief system sharing is less than ideal.
      This article in no way promotes violence.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t I comment

  3. Anonymous says:

    Horse manaure. Typical feminist taking the woman’s side with not a shred of evidence other than word of mouth. I understand your call for due process but you can’t applaud someone for an action they do when not knowing if it’s true or not. It undermines your own experience by the sound of it. I’m sorry if something similar happened to you I really am. But agreeing and praising someone right off the bat before all facts are on the table is undermining true cases of abuse especially if the allegations end up being false. Maybe be a bit more neutral next time because a band wagon heading in one direction can easily hit a wall and derail.

  4. The False Fink says:

    I truly appreciate that you distinguish between your personal opinion and your professional opinion. You are very clear about your conflicted thoughts/emotions, and present your thoughts well, so thank you for that. I find it troubling how polarized people are on any given issue these days.

    It looks like some of these commenters are only reading your “personal” opinion and commenting in anger before bothering to read the flip side; your professional opinion about the importance of due process (which I agree with).

    In regards to this particular issue, everyone seems to already “know” whether he’s guilty or innocent. I’m further troubled that people are quick to grab their pitchforks and torches… and those same people are quick to attack any of us who are slower to join the mob as “enablers” or “part of the problem,” but fact is, we need to be more objective and analytical about these things (due process) while still remaining empathetic. Believe it or not, I can be analytical and objective about this while still having empathy for Ms. Dykstra; it seems she was in a painful place but has now thankfully grown to have a stronger sense of self-worth. I also have empathy for Mr. Hardwick’s family, as I’m sure this shit storm affects them as well. I don’t know if Mr. Hardwick is falsely accused or not, if he is innocent, then I would express empathy to him for being falsely accused. If he is not innocent… well… then I would describe him as a “slimy cockbag” and hope that justice be served.

    On the one hand, Ms Dykstra’s account is heart-wrenching, and it sounds like the man in question is a total douche. But on the other hand, it sounds like a situation she consented to and could have walked away from at any time (cue vitriolic comments mocking me for not “understanding trauma” or “having no idea how abuse works,” – spoiler alert, I’ve lived through it, and the greatest freedom any of us have in a toxic relationship is to walk away – If I recall correctly, Ms. Dykstra also touches on this in her article). I don’t say this to excuse or minimize any negative behavior on the part of the accused, or to minimize her suffering. I say this because that’s what I got from her article. On the flip side, though, I would also say that anyone who willfully takes advantage of another human’s lack of self-worth is not a good person. So, I acknowledge that while she could have made the decision to walk away, the person manipulating her is shitty for compelling her to stay. Now, objectively, none of us yet knows the truth of the matter yet, but hopefully time straightens that out soon. The truth may actually be as simple as they were both young idiots in a mutually toxic relationship. Or who knows, maybe one of them is legitimately a monster.

    I hope that either way, the truth is revealed and true justice prevails.

    tl;dr – I like your article and found your writing to be thoughtful. I admittedly don’t know the truth of what happened, and prefer the analytical to the vitriolic. My personal opinion is more conflicted than yours, but I totally agree with your professional opinion. Yay, due process!

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