Author: A. J. Jones

RAT GOD by Richard Corben (2015) – A retro-review

Ah, but with a Corben title, it’s all about the art- and this book is no different. In RAT GOD, readers find everything that makes Corben’s work so amazing: the inventive production design, the dynamic frame composition, the eye-pleasing variety in layout, the sophisticated use of symbol, the carefully paced reveals, and a host of other techniques all work together to make RAT GOD a joy to read.

Descender: a series review

DESCENDER, VOLUME ONE : TIN STARS (Image Comics 2015, tpb), collecting DESCENDER #1 -6. DESCENDER, VOLUME TWO : MACHINE MOON (2016), collecting DESCENDER #7 – 11. DESCENDER, VOLUME THREE : SINGULARITIES (2016), collecting DESCENDER #12-16. ( DESCENDER #21 just hit...