Author: Erik Goodrich

Calm Down Your Childhood is Still Intact

Calm Down, Your Childhood is Still Intact

Earlier in the week Cartoon Network announced their plans of rebooting a new ThunderCats series entitled ThunderCats Roar, as well as provided some sample animation they will be using for the new series. This obviously prompted an intense amount of...

A Bad Day for Bill

A Bad Day for Bill

Today the outcome to Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial comes to a head that won’t sit well with fans of one of the world’s most famous comedians.

Starz kills Ash vs Evil Dead

Today Vanity Fair reported and was confirmed by Bruce Campbell’s Twitter account that Starz has officially cancelled Ash vs Evil Dead before production on the fourth season could begin, effectively making the finale of the currently airing third season the...

Late to the Party Death Sentence

Late to the Party: Death Sentence

Late to the Party: Death Sentence (2007) Directed by: James Wan Starring: Kevin Bacon John Goodman Garrett Hedlund   Well don’t let me smell fear on you.  Fear is for the enemy.  Fear and bullets.  Lots of fucking bullets.   ...

Mad Max meets Fallout in FACTORY by Titan Comics

Titan Comics and Statix Press are excited to announce a brand-new comic series, Factory, from Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius collaborator – Yacine ‘Elgo’ Elghorri (Character designer on Matt Groening’s Futurama). Arriving March 2018, Factory is part of Titan Comics’ new Statix Press imprint, which showcases the best comics from Europe and around the...