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An Homage to a Forgotten Treasure with the BETTIE PAGE #2 Review

Bettie takes on Hollywood as the B-Movie Queen of the Space Commies! Bettie gets in over her head with the shadowy Sky Science cult! Bettie unleashes chaos at the Griffith Park Observatory! Writer David Avallone and artist Colton Worley are your tour guides through the thrilling second issue of The Secret Diary of Bettie Page!

Better Together update

The Better Together Beta is Making Things Better

The Better Together Update is designed to unify the console, mobile and Windows 10 PC versions of the game under one single Minecraft edition, which will include infinite worlds, the community Marketplace and community servers (which are coming to the beta later on!).

ACen 2017 Cosplay a go go!

To put it simply, the Cosplay at ACen 2017 was beyond awesome!!!! Cosplayers outnumbered everyone else 2 to1 and the skill level was truly world class. I didn’t have to wander very far the place was literally teeming with cosplay...

ACen Chicago 20th Anniversary review

  There been a plethora of conventions that have come to Chicago over the decades. Events like Wizard World, and C2E2 are both world class events in their own right. But as epic as the before mentioned cons are Anime...

Red Team Double Tap Center Mass #8 – Review

Red Team Double Tap Center Mass #8 – Review

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Writer: Garth Ennis Artist: Craig Cermak Ive read my fair share of Police tales and most if not all of them feel as though a special kind of twist is needed on the age old premise to...

Bloodshot Reborn #0

Bloodshot Reborn #0 – Review

Publisher Valiant Entertainment Writer: Jeff Lemire Pencils: Renato Guedes Colors: Andrew Dalhouse Comics’ new publishing powerhouse Valiant Entertainment wraps up the events of Bloodshot Island with issue #0. The dust settles as all the major players get ready for the...

Island #15

Island #15 – Review

Story / Art: Dilraj Mann, Grim Wilkins Cover: Dilraj Mann Publisher Image Comics They say that all good things come to an end. In the case of Island things go out with a bang so loud it rivals Chinese New...

Sex Criminals #17

Sex Criminals #17 – Review

Publisher: Image Comics Writer: Matt Fraction Artist: Chip Zdarsky Back with another installment of the freak-nasty Image drops the mic again with Super clever and super edgy Sex Criminals. In this issue the primary focus is on the main antagonist...

Sex Criminals #16 review

Publisher: Image comics Writer: Matt Fraction Artist: Chip Zdarsky I’ve read quite a few comics over the years and there aren’t very many that can throw me for a loop these days. Sex criminals however has definitely succeeded in knocking...

Shadows on the Grave

Shadows on the Grave #3 – Review

Published by: Dark Horse Comics Written and drawn by: Richard Corben At one point in time horror comics were the norm, some would say the gold standard of graphic novels out numbering other genres of comics nearly 2 to 1....

Fujiko Mine: Anime’s First Femme Fatale

She’s a master of deception. A world class beauty. Deadly accurate with various forms of firearms, especially an assault rifle. She canbe your greatest ally and just as easily be your worst enemy. Known throughout the black market as a...