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A few of my favorite movies and TV and comics and novels of the past year, from LOGAN to Lansdale, from HEAD GAMES to MURDER BALLADS. It’s not comprehensive, it’s not in any discernible order, it’s heartfelt free association – and it might include your Next Favorite Title. Geek media 2017 – the year that was.

Jew-Jitsu AND Paul Kupperberg Need You!

Jew-Jitsu AND Paul Kupperberg Need You!

Jew-Jitsu- The Hebrews Hands of Fury is looking to go into a second print. But it can only happen with your help. Comic book legend Paul Kupperberg (DC Comics Presents, The Death of Archie) first published the tongue-in-cheek manual on...

Titan Publishing gives us an all access pass with the THOR: RAGNAROK OFFICIAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION

  Titan Publishing is thrilled to announce Thor: Ragnarok The Official Collector’s Edition – celebrating the making of Marvel Studio’s hotly anticipated new movie, Thor: Ragnarok! From exclusive cast interviews to concept art, this is fans’ all-in- one guide to The God of Thunder’s...

Chuck Palahniuk has something for us this Adjustment Day

Chuck Palahniuk, the author of the award winning novel Choke, as well as several other excellent literary pieces such as Survivor, Burnt Tongues, and a little known novel called Fight Club has announced that his new novel Adjustment Day will be available in hardcover...

2017 Hugo Award Winners Announced

2017 Hugo Award Winners Announced

For exceptional work in the genre of science fiction, the 2017 Hugo Award Winners Announced at last night’s World Science Fiction Convention.

A Beginner’s Guide To Fantasy Novels Part One: The Roots Of The Genre

There certainly are a lot of fantasy novels out there, so much so that if you’ve been wanting to get into fantasy but didn’t know how, it would be hard to find a place to start. So I’m going to give those looking for an “in” a few articles describing some classic novels, why they’re worth a read, and some links to where you can find them

Liz Braswell’s Disney’s Twisted Tales in Review

There was quite the twitter when news of a series of reworked Disney classics were to be released. These “Twisted Tales”, penned by Liz Braswell, were advertised under the premise of one single defining event changing, causing a butterfly effect...


BOOM! STUDIOS ANNOUNCES THE MOUSE GUARD ALPHABET BOOK David Petersen Teams with Illustrator Serena Malyon to Teach the ABCsThrough the World of Mouse Guard BOOM! Studios is proud to announce the MOUSE GUARD ALPHABET BOOK, a new all-ages hardcover publication from...