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CosPlay Profile - Raymond Ramos

CosPlay Profile – Raymond Ramos

I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Raymond Ramos AKA CosPlay Ray. He ‘s a well-known cosplayer from New England. He’s attended old school comic shows and the biggest cons in the northeast. His newest project is Cyborg, his version of course.

Cosplay Superstars: Rosanna Rocha

If you like more articles like these, visit us at Spruce Street Comics here and We Love Comics! here Special Thanks to Geek News Network. From Arizona, Rosanna Rocha first got her start at the Tuscon Comic Con as Harley...

Top 10 Characters That Cosplay Women Love!

The following post will contain the Top 10 Characters That Cosplay Women Love! So please, be grateful, thank the photographers and models, and remember… these photos are of women who are proud of the time and effort it took to...

ACen 2017 Cosplay a go go!

To put it simply, the Cosplay at ACen 2017 was beyond awesome!!!! Cosplayers outnumbered everyone else 2 to1 and the skill level was truly world class. I didn’t have to wander very far the place was literally teeming with cosplay...