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Dulce The New Guy

Do Not Miss Dulce: The New Guy!

Dulce: The New Guy is a must have indie comic that rises above the rest of the mind-numbing sub-standard indie titles clamoring for recognition with an absolutely addictive story setting. The all-ages horror/sci-fi/fantasy comic has artwork anyone with an eye will appreciate.

Indie Smash or Grab: Armor 1 #1 & #2

Jason King has a lot on his mind. New School, Football Tryouts and Bullies. On top all that, a spaceship falls on earth and now he has an alien following him around. Can he handle all this pressure? Find out in this Indie Smash or Grab for Armor Issue #1 and #2!

Start Again

Start Again #1 Review

Writer – Jamie Me Art – Toni Doya Color – Sean Callahan Publisher – Self-published The superhero genre has a mould that works fantastically however there are creators that deviate that mould like with Watchmen or The Boys. Jamie Me’s...