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Cuphead Review

Cuphead Review

  [embedyt][/embedyt]   Cuphead Review Rating: E Price: $19.99 Platforms: XBox One and Windows Release Date: Sept. 29, 2017 The first thing that comes to mind when playing Cuphead is it sense of style. The creators at StudioMDHR Entertainment...

Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition Review

In 2013 the gaming world was introduced to Injustice: Gods Among Us. A horrifying alternate reality to the DC Universe in which Joker finally went too far, and Superman’s grief and good intentions paved the way for a hellish world in which he was the dictator. Besides the great mechanics we expect from a NetherRealm fighting game, we got a well written story mode that showed us understandable and nuanced characters with clear motivations in surprising ways. So does its sequel, Injustice 2, live up to the standard of the original?

Resident Evil 7 Demo

Resident Evil 7 Demo – Review

As a huge fan of the Resident Evil series I’ve kept a close eye on the news of this installment and was most definitely taken back when I found out it was in 1st person. But Xbox live released a...

Batman: Return To Arkham – Game Review

So here it is, after about a year of a new console and the early Arkham games get a much sought after re-release. Before I get into the review proper, here’s some thoughts about the series. It’s easy to forget...