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Wrestling Report: Let’s Get Caught Up

I have not been able to write a Wrestling Report for a while. Partly because I work in the dining services of a semester school and end of semester is always a busy time. The other reason is I have not willingly watched more than half an hour of Monday Night Raw without turning it off.

WWE #2

WWE #2 – Review

Writers: Dennis Hopeless & Aubrey Sitterson Illustrators: Serg Acuna & Ed McGuiness Colors: Doug Garbark & Marcio Menyz Publisher: Boom! Studios I like the premise of Boom! Studios’ WWE series, which is to expand upon the story-lines of some of...

WWE: Then. Now. Forever REVIEW

WWE: Then. Now. Forever Writers: Dennis Hopeless, Ross Thibodeaux, Rob Schamberger, Derek Fridolfs Artists: Dan Mora, Rob Schamberger, Rob Guillory, Daniel Bayless, Derek Fridolfs Publisher: BOOM! Studios I tend to like my wrestling how I like my comic books; independent....