The Comic Book Illuminati, or CBI, is THE destination on Facebook for groups that focus on you and the things you love. CBI’s network of Facebook groups provide robust, user-centered discussion platforms specifically tailored to geeks of all kinds. With the widest variety of focused groups on all of Facebook, a dedicated staff of passionate and knowledgeable administrators, and a welcoming attitude towards all users, the CBI Network is one of the most popular and fastest growing networks on Facebook. Check out all of the Facebook groups that make up the CBI Network, and Join the Conspiracy!

The Comic Book Illuminati


The group that started an empire, the Comic Book Illuminati Facebook group is your one stop shop for all things geek. Covering news, reviews, previews, and more for comic books, TV, movies, video games, and more, with some of the best discussion on social media. Giving you content that’s important to you, and platform to share your passion, it’s nothing but the best in geek. Check out the group today, and Join the Conspiracy.

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Nerdy & Dirty


R-Rated+ adult content with none of the meanness, Nerdy & Dirty is your 18 and over destination on Facebook for the best in nerdy adult content. The moderators in Nerdy & Dirty maintain a good balance of outrageous but relevant content that will keep you coming back for more. Having cultivated an amazing community of fun-loving nerd and geeks, Nerdy & Dirty is as welcoming as it raucous.

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Gaming Guerrillas Militia


Covering all things table-top gaming, RPGs, and video games from all genres and periods, the Gaming Guerrillas Militia is are soldiers of fortune at the frontline of gaming, and the technology surrounding it. It’s all gaming, all the time, as some of the most dedicated gamers on Facebook lead the way for amazing discussion, reviews, and moderated tournaments. Bring your Gamer Handle and your controller, and Join the Militia!

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Cult of Cosplay


Lead by veteran cosplayer Ashayla Webster, Cult of Cosplay covers everything costume play – from planning, how-to, ideas for your creations, cosplay convention coverage from all over the globe, and more. If you’re your passion is costuming, or if you want it to be, Cult of Cosplay is the group for you.

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Fangirl Fantasy


The all-female wing of the CBI Network, Fangirl Fantasy is an all-geek-girl group run for women, by women, NO MEN ALLOWED! For the best in geek discussion with a female slant, join Fangirl Fantasy today.

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Shadow Strength Syndicate


A group that focuses on making you the best you you can be, Shadow Syndicate is focused on helping you be the strongest version of YOU physically, mentally, and spiritually. With a dedicated group of moderators and a positive community always willing to help, Shadow Syndicate is the group with YOU in mind.

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Geek Trade Federation


CBI Network’s very own Wall Street, except this market runs off comics, action figures, and anything else geeks buy, sell, and trade. If you’re looking for that long, lost issue to finish off a comic book run, or trying to get rid of some stuff you just don’t want anymore, the Geek Trade Federation is your avenue for Buying, Selling, and Trading the merch we hold so dear.

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Get Valiant!


CBI’s group dedicated to all things Valiant, and the Facebook home of Outright Geekery’s Valiant podcast, Get Valiant! focuses on the creators, the characters, and the books by one of the most popular comic book publishers in the business. News, reviews, a podcast, and plenty of discussion in this group full of dedicated and diehard Valiant Fans.

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The Source Wall


It’s all about the comics! And for discussion on all things comics – DC, Marvel, Image, IDW, Dynamite, and more – The Sources Wall is the group for you! Full of a diverse team of moderators with decades of comic book history between them, The Source Wall is a constantly evolving group that moves with the tides of the comic book indistry itself.

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CBI Night Lights


Sports talk with a geek slant, CBI’s all-sports group CBI Night Lights is full of jocks and armchair athletes throwing in their 2 cents and rooting for their favorite teams. College and pro; basketball, hockey, baseball, football, soccer, even Olympics, and much more. There’s been a bowling post in there once…yeah, bowling.

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The Vault of Horror


CBI brings the scary when you dare to enter The Vault of Horror. Film, novels, TV, comics, video games, and more, it’s all horror all the time. Jason vs. Freddy? The Best Halloween movie? Looking for an obscure cheesy gore flick from the ’70s, or just want to talk about one? Then this is the dark, dank basement of your dreams.

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The Geekronomicon


An online depository of geek knowledge created by the very geeks it was created for. Think of it as Wikipedia with a CBI slant and a nerd-raging attitude. They’re always looking for contributors and the fact-checking is bar none. If you need to know something about anything, this is where you ask.

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Batman Group


The name says it all! The heroes, the villains, the family, and the Bat; it’s all on the table. For the best discussion on DC Comics greatest hero, and more.

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The Facebook home of Outright Geekery’s podcast of the same name, INSTRUMENTS of DESTRUCTION covers all things 1980s toys/comics/animation and revival. It’s all on the table, from the old Joe action figures and M.A.S.K. cartoon to the brand new Transformers films and Hasbro comics from IDW Publishing, and everything in between. It’s all out mayhem and every generation is up for discussion.


CBI Tunes


From ABBA to ZZ Top, all genres, all decades, no judgement. A group full of open-minded music lovers and a team of admins with knowledge and passion for all music. Share your passion for you art, and turn it up over at CBI Tunes.

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Super Geek Fight 2 Turbo


Ever wanted to know who would win in a match between Elmer Fudd and Malcolm Reynolds? Now you can find out. With some of the most passionate and knowledgeable geeks at hand, ANY match is open season for discussion. Get in on the fight with monthly themed tournaments and more.

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Spider-Man Group


Join 24,000 and growing other comic book fans to get in on the discussion of Marvel webhead Spider-Man. There’s not a better Spider-Man group on Facebook, so get there now!

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The Comic Book Super Group


The comic book group to end all others, it’s CBI’s Comic Book Super Group. All comic books talk, all the time, with some of the most passionate and read comic book fans. Silver Age, Golden Age, Modern, last century or last week, previews, reviews, and more. It’s the best comic book only group on Facebook.

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Happy Angry Anime Lover


For everything anime, animated, cosplay, and other animation, CBI’s HAAL is our adults only anime group for fans of everything from One Piece and Pokemon to Akira and Ghost in the Shell and everything in-between. Come join the fun and get in on the animated action.

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