Review: Earth 2 World's End #1


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  1. I agree, this issue seemed more like a recap for new readers, so difficult to really judge what this series will be like. I enjoy reading Earth 2 but still unsure about another weekly title, so will stick with it for a few more issues to see how it develops.

    • Adam Normal says:

      I haven’t read Earth 2 yet and was planning to catch up with some trades, but I think this issue ruined that. Did this recap spoil Earth 2 or should I still look into it?

      • Well, tbh this issue pretty much covered everything you need to know plot wise to being you up to date. I’ve been reading Earth 2 since the start and really enjoyed the title, so I would recommend the trades if you really want to enjoy all the stories in their entirety. Also, the art by Nicola Scott is awesome.

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