Advanced Review – Red Sonja #2

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  1. CLAIRE says:

    Its me or the art looks a little bit cheessy for Red Sonja? I mean, I get it in the store and was like new Barbie girl adventures. (Even with the new chanmail).

    The art and colour shouts against Sonja classical bassics.

    • Gaumer says:

      They are definitely moving in a new direction. I understand the PC shift, but I’m also not sure that long time fans will continue to read the character with these new changes. Which doe snot bode well, since I’m also pretty sure Red isn’t drawing in many NEW readers either.

      • CLAIRE says:

        It looks like they try to made it for girls. But Im a girl and I don’t like it ’cause ir that. Maybe it’s ’cause I followed the líder penciller (actual looks like a bad copy of him) or the scripts from Simone. Don’t know.

        I’m too sorry for Sonja.

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