CBI Review: Red Sonja Vol. 3 #3


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  1. Comis_lover says:

    Mmmm I don´t feel comfortable with the new Vol of sonja. The colours and story are Ok. Specially the colours are great, but I do not like the pencils. I think Aneke drew quite strange and I get lost. Just don´t like, but I assume they found a new target.

  2. themightyflip says:

    This just isn’t Sonja, ever since we got the Simone reboot, Sonja has been nothing but a slut with a horde of leftover lovers the width and breadth of the land. Sonja was never meant to be a female version of Conan, but that’s what we currently have and the character and story suffers for it.
    As for the story itself, well apart from the fact it’s the same tired cliche Sonja story of her having to topple a king who wants to possess her, the country she is in, is supposed to be more Mongol nomad like, rather than another Game of Thrones European setting. No one here did any research.
    Then there’s the art, it’s as if the artist started to give up halfway through, the characters just start to look hastily sketched rather than fleshed out.

    • Comis_lover says:

      Totally with you, it seems that Aneke only Knows Game of Thrones and not Thorne (hahaha). I really get surprise on how Dynamite can take a chepa penciller for a main series. I hope they dont make more that the 6 issues and change the penciller.

  3. jack says:

    The story is a rehash of swords of Sorrow, the jilted boyfriend will destroy everything to get the girl who rejected him. Bennett even has rival women’s teams going against each other, now. Aneke’s anatomy for fights is laughably bad. There is nothing to recommend this book.

  4. Mark says:

    Are you talking serious? Come on and review the other Reviews.

    Maybe you don’t Wanna say that Bennett os bad at all, and it’s ok I’m with you. She does a great job at Insexts and Boombsells but… Aneke!? I get so suprise about the covers, they are truly great but the inside is so poor. Also I saw her on the Red Sonja Legenderry and das clear she can’t stand with a main series.

    If you saw the dyamond lista you’ll see this comic got 10000 readers in issue 1 and 6000 in issue 3. 6000!!!! Less than not principal Dynamite series and its ’cause of the pencils! The colors hide them at issue 1 but great colors heve nothing to do with such a bad penciler.

  5. Claire says:

    At the end they change the penciller. They put Diego Galiendo intead of Aneke (from page 5) at issue #4 and he is SO SO MUUUUCH BETTER than Aneke. I think I´ll back to see the final. 🙂

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