BvS vs Civil War : Fan inconsistency

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  1. Tom says:

    Oddly enough, I found Zemo to be a really effective villain!

  2. James Felix says:

    I could fisk your attempted gotchas but there’s no real point because you’ll dismiss my counterpoints while muttering “fanboy”. All of the differences between BVS and CW can be boiled down to one thing: Civil War was fun to watch and had us cheering while BVS was a joyless, 150 minute slog.

    If you liked BVS then good for you. Accept that that’s a minority opinion and move on with your life.

  3. SCL says:

    These reviewers are so inconsistent, it’s like they’re being paid to do it.

    This is lame, but not surprising. These movies are Disney, after all. They are paying to control the reviews of their films. It’s like Disneyland. Not really the happiest place on earth. And yet, they convince you you’re having a good time and you would feel like a jerk if you disagreed. The same ad strategy applies to the movies.

  4. Taylor says:

    I honestly can’t understand what you’re talking about with most of these points you’re making. Zemo was damn good at what he did in this movie, but even if you didn’t think so, it seems ridiculous to call him “among the weakest villains in the history of movie villains.” The power levels seem to be about right for what the MCU has established so far. Iron Man (who is, I assume, the one you are talking about) has pretty easy to follow and understandable motivations throughout, and I’m having a hard time thinking of any time a character was saved by egregious Plot Armor.

    But to the larger point, BvS fell flat for so many because much of it was contrived and forced; we had never seen these versions of Batman and Superman interact before, neither one of them seemed to align very well with the core of the characters, and neither was particularly likable. It meant nothing to us to see them fight, especially since it seemed so easily avoidable.

    Civil War, on the other hand, felt EARNED. We’ve gotten to see both Steve and Tony grow both on screen together and in their own franchises, we can easily understand their motivations, and most everyone in the audience likes them both. So it MEANS SOMETHING when we see them fight.

    Add this together with better storytelling, better execution, and less tacked-on baggage, and it’s pretty clear why most people seem to prefer Civil War. This isn’t a case of fanboyism or some wild conspiracy. The explanation is far simpler: Civil War is a better movie.

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