Red Sonja #5 – Review

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  1. James Mc'Callum says:

    In the script for me it’s ok, little bit boring, but anyway Sonja’s story.

    But the are it’s so creepy sometimes. I can distinguish between Diego Galindo and Aneke, and I can’t seriously understand why Galindo isn’t the main penciller. He’s much better than Aneke at composition and character faces.

  2. jack says:

    The story is just too obviously one sided with the black talons and the near Godwin level rhetoric. Nazis are bad, thanks for telling us. I agree with the art criticism, Aneke just doesn’t work for me especially with tool and weapon use which is frequently anywhere from awkward to laughably bad in execution.

  3. Rob says:

    I prefer to follow Benett on Boomshels, also I just prefer Galindo. I not that Aneke is as horrible as you said, it’s just he’s not good to be on a main serie. He went up so fast and without a improvement at his art. I’m sure he can find a way into alternative comics. Maybe it’s not good but it’s not necessary to be so cruel. He need just to change the style and draw better, maybe his age it’s just 20 or like that. Dynamite hire people too young to work, but it’s ok. Also galindo gots a high quality level and I think that maybe you can’t compare both… And I think the publisher will reealize that and not hired Aneke, but what you win with that. Jut don’t buy the comic if you don’t like it!

    Aneke is not my kind of reading but I hoipe he finds a way into alternative, that’s all.

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