Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons and Dragons – Review

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  1. Steve Kaeseman says:

    i completely agree with your review. I just finished this wonderful book about a month ago.
    I have been playing D&D since 1980, from the purplish box all the way up to 5th addition.
    Gary Gygax created, too me, the Best game in all the world.
    Author Michael Witwer words actually made it easy to imagine myself as a fly on the wall
    as Gary created his master piece. I finally learned more of the hows and whys Gary was voted
    out of TSR.
    Great book, hope Mr Witwer writes more of them.
    Red Shirt Steve

  2. vortexbeast says:

    Dave who?

  3. Fabienne Payet says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am happy you liked the book as well as the review.
    There is an interview that goes along with this review and he is currently working on two more books.

    Here is the link to the interview https://www.outrightgeekery.com/2017/03/09/interview-michael-witwer-author-empire-imagination-gary-gygax-birth-dungeons-dragons/

    Al the best,

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