Can THE SHADOW #1 Review Remember What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Man?

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  1. RICK MANAFORT says:

    You must not have read the same comic I did. This is the absolute worst representation of the Shadow since he was decapitated, and his head placed on a rock em sock em robot. It may even be worse. That former was so bad, Conde Nast yanked the license from DC. Then DC returned with The Shadow Strikes!, arguably the best comics interpretation of the character to date. This first issue was poorly done. The Shadow lecturing teenage boys on their white privvies before he shoots one and drives the other insane? Donald trump makes an appearance on the telly just to satiate the political leanings of the writer (IE he hates Trump). The book is trash. I have read every Shadow title since Kaluta and DC brought him back to life in the 70’s. This is the worst.

  2. Kevin says:

    What Rick says! These writers never seem to go back to the real source material: Walter Gibson. The Shadow lecturing on white privilege what a crock. The real Shadow doesn’t yammer on and he’s not some bloodthirsty “punisher” either. The Denny O’ Neil Shadow’s remain the best since he was basically taking Walter Gibson stories and adapting them for comics. I get my hopes up because I love the Shadow character an then I get this kind of trash.

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