Brian Michael Bendis at DC is Good for Everyone

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  1. Red Shirt Steve says:

    I am happy Brain Michael Bendis is now at DC. I am hoping he establishes a character like Damian Wayne/Robin or Jonathan Samuel Kent/Superboy as LGBTQIA like he did the original Bobby Drake/Iceman.
    I know people will think I do not like LGBTQIA people, which is NOT true. I believe Bendis/Marvel should of promoted an LGBTQIA Superhero like Northstar or Demolition Man (D-Man). Marvel did promote Northstar’s wedding in the comics in the early 2000’s, why not keep that ball rolling? Or Bendis could of created an entirely new Superhero who is LGBTQIA from the start instead of using a lazy trope filled story line to retcon Iceman’s backstory. There are too many established LGBTQIA Superhero’s in both DC and Marvel to where any writer needs to retcon their backstory to make them LGBTQIA. Especially if you pick the least controversial Superhero of a team to change them to be LGBTQIA. I mean did Bendis think comic book readers are stupid that he choose the comic relief of the original X-Men to change? You have the all American boy Cyclops (no way that would happen), Jean Grey/Marvel Girl (she’s a female enough said), Beast (the nerd and covered in fur, no way you want to infer bestiality with LGBTQIA) and then you have of course Angel (don’t want to piss off the Christians of course. So Bendis took the easier least controversial route in jumping on the LGBTQIA movement in comics. Now in my opinion Bendis should continue what he did at Marvel and do the same at DC, that way he can prove it wasn’t a jump on the LGBTQIA train publicity stunt.
    Please Please Please do not think I am in anyway against having LGBTQIA Superhero’s in the comics I read. Hulkling and Wiccanare great characters also and I hope they show up in the Marvel Universe Avengers Infinite War movies, but to be honest I would prefer Northstar to show up and even more the entire Alpha Flight team. Or even better a movie staring Alpha Flight like they did with Guardians of the Galaxy.

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