Calm Down, Your Childhood is Still Intact

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  1. Mitch Fletcher says:

    This is actually a good point. I never got into ThunderCats since I wasn’t an 80s kid, and by the time the 2011 reboot aired, I was only 10 and I barely knew it existed. But this new series might actually be kinda cool for me to watch.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is fucking stuiped and you made no point

  3. Donnie Darko says:

    Being true to the source material is kind of what separates decent kid’s shows from great franchises (also for kids). The article is vapid and shallow in its approach to the subject. This isn’t about creating a kid’s show in a vacuum.

    This is more about taking an existing franchise’s source material and making it lazy and unpalatable to anyone but puerile minds. They did it with Teen Titans GO and they tried to do it with TMNT.

    Just because kids are kids does not mean that they are stupid.

    There are children today who watch both Teen Titans and GO but prefer the original because GO comes off as stupid and lazy.

    Artistic Integrity shouldn’t have to evaporate into the ether just because some asshole decides “hurr durr kids are stupid and this show is for kids so it’s okay if it’s stupid.”

    Kids deserve more than this hot garbage.

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