Top 10 best comic book movie soundtracks

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  1. Spencer Welch II says:

    You really need to differentiate between ‘score’ and ‘soundtrack’ because in most people’s minds they are two distinctly different entities.

    I.E.-Ask someone who did the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s Batman and people will answer “Prince”, ask “who did the soundtrack to Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy?” they’ll answer “Madonna” but in both cases (most) people will never answer “Danny Elfman”.

    Ask somebody who did the ‘soundtrack’ to Heavy Metal and they’ll answer ‘A lot of people” not ‘Elmer Bernstein’, ask who did the ‘soundtrack’ to Suicide Squad and you’ll get the same responce as Heavy Metal as opposed to “Steven Price”, ask who did the ‘soundtrack’ to .Batman Forever and you’ll get the same answer not Elliot Goldenthal

    Also if you ask who did the ‘soundtrack’ to ‘Superman’ most will say “what soundtrack?” as they associate ‘soundtrack’ with vocal selections.

    Most ‘scores’ are released independently from ‘soundtracks’ except in cases where there are very few vocal selections as in the case of the release of Jim Henson & George Lucas’ ‘Labyrinth (which has 6 solo Trevor Jones trax, 5 solo Bowie trax, and 1 combo Bowie/Jones track.

    So a fairer comparison list would be two individual ones for ‘scores’ and ”soundtracks’.

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