Top Ten 2019 Video Games that I am Anxious to Play!

J. O. Young

J. O. Young is a young adult author of the Freaks. She teaches by day and works with aspiring authors in an after-school program. By night, she writes, reads anything from comics to science fiction and fantasy novels, and can be found at local comic book shops. J. O. Young lives in Oklahoma with her husband and heroic chihuahua, Shazam.

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  1. DJ says:

    Excellent article, J.O.! I’m looking forward to a lot of these games. Should be a fun year!

  2. April says:

    Hey J.O. Young! I’m a big fan of your Freaks books. I couldn’t put them down! I met you at New World Con a couple years ago and you were so nice. I just found out you write articles on here. This was a cool read! I would love to get an update on what you think of these games since you played them and how you would rank them now. Can’t wait to read more from you!!!

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