About Us

“Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!”  — The Doctor

Launched in 2013, Outright Geekery is dedicated to bringing you the best in comic book and pop culture news, information, and speculation. Born by chance in the dark corners of a comic book shop, Outright Geekery is a community-focused organization determined to provide honest and entertaining content about your favorite characters, movies, books, games and shows.


Some of the most adored pop culture teams are the ones that came together by chance. Whether it’s The Avengers, the rebel alliance, the ragtag gang of the Firefly Serenity, or the crew of the stranded starship Voyager, accidental circumstance has led to some of the most beloved story-telling in pop-culture. While I’d never suggest to be on par with Mal, Han, or (dare I say) Captain Janeway, recently I did find myself, by pure chance, in the frequent company of some like-minded individuals seemingly brought together by fate. Like the synergy of those fictional teams we all seemed to fanatically pine for, the combined effect of our individual force was greater than the sum of those individual passions. All we needed was an outlet, and that outlet is Outright Geekery.


You’re going to see the usual geek and nerd related revelry on Outright Geekery, but we want to be more. News, reviews, previews and speculation on everything under the geek sun from Avengers to Who and everything in-between. Along with the typical character highlights, versus threads and Top 10 lists, Outright Geekery will be a hub for a strong and growing assembly of blogs, podcasts and websites focusing on comics, movies, TV and overall geek culture. But we’re not going to stop there! Our main principle at Outright Geekery is to “embrace the geek” in all that it entails. You’ll see Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering tutorials right alongside New Avengers reviews and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. previews. We at Outright Geekery are all-inclusive geeks, but that attitude does not stop with our content.


OG is all about inclusion. As our community of fans grows, and as our community of content providers expands, our primary goal at Outright Geekery will be the unabashed inclusion of our entire community. Whether it’s taking part in the social media discussion or answering listener questions in our various broadcasts, we encourage our community to part of our content. Better yet, Outright Geekery encourages our community to be the content creators themselves! OG feels that the passion, opinion and creativity of every geek is worthy of a spotlight and deserves to be shared. If you are a geek with something worthwhile to share, Outright Geekery is your venue to interact with likeminded individuals.


Outright Geekery is constantly looking for contributors to the site. If you are a passionate geek with a penchant for creating quality content, visit our contact page or find us on social media everywhere @OutrightGeekery, and let us know.