Author: Dave MacPhail

The Invasion of the Triceratons Concludes in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #80

The epic conclusion to the Invasion of the Triceratons is finally upon us but the biggest battle this issue is the one between Splinter and his sons. Can the Turtles defeat their former Sensei or is there another way to end this feud entirely? The creative team behind TMNT are still going strong and bringing us new stories that challenge just how we think of the team and their allies and foes.

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call #4

Emerging from their shared dream experience stronger and more united than ever before, the Ghostbusters redouble their efforts to take down “Schrecky” before he enslaves all of New York City in his twisted dream world. Will Holtzmann’s wild new “dream machine” be the ace they need to take him down?

Ghostbusters 101 #5 Review

Writer: Erik Burnham Art: Dan Schoening Colours: Luis Antonio Delgado and Anna Chher Letters: Neil Uyetake Publisher: IDW The IDW universe of the Ghostbusters has had some great stories crossing over with other universes. Specifically notable were the TMNT team-up...