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My Top 5 Food Trends of 2019: Part 5

Believe me, making switches such as the one I recommend aren’t easy to do. The textures are different. The flavors aren’t exactly the ones you grew up with. But making changes such as these are better than having to stick yourself with needles 3-6 times a day! Plus, these differences could save your life!

My Top 5 Culinary Trends for 2019: Part 4

Today’s featured trend is becoming a vegetarian or vegan option to buffalo wings that is quite deceptive. The florets are battered in a beer or tempura batter and deep fried. They are then tossed in buffalo sauce and served with dressing and veggie sticks. Find out what it is inside!

My Top 5 Culinary Trends of 2019: Part 3

First you have street food and food trucks which are cheaper to purchase and operate. Then you need a place to prepare the food, so you have locations such as shared kitchens popping up. Now, we have a new demographic that is opening its kitchen tables up to the populace.