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KILLING QUARRY by Max Allan Collins – review

KILLING QUARRY, the latest novel in the Quarry series, is both compelling crime drama and appealing character study – and it’s always a great read. This time around, Quarry himself has been targeted for death – and if he wants to survive, he has to find out who wants him dead.

Adjustment Day Excerpt Released by Fan Favorite Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk’s debut novel Fight Club introduced the world to Tyler Durden and his very particular brand of mayhem. Palahniuk’s most famous creation, immortalized on the big screen, became a cultural touchstone, revered and reviled, oft quoted and frequently misunderstood. Now, more than two decades later, Palahniuk returns to the themes of toxic masculinity, privilege and the appeal of cults with his latest novel, ADJUSTMENT DAY.

Personal Favorites, Geek Media 2017

A few of my favorite movies and TV and comics and novels of the past year, from LOGAN to Lansdale, from HEAD GAMES to MURDER BALLADS. It’s not comprehensive, it’s not in any discernible order, it’s heartfelt free association – and it might include your Next Favorite Title. Geek media 2017 – the year that was.

Halloween Extravaganza 2: Essential Ray Bradbury Reading List

Halloween Extravaganza 2: Essential Ray Bradbury Reading List Ray Bradbury is one of the greatest writers to grace the genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror, usually mixing all three perfectly. So it is appropriate during Halloween Extravaganza 2 that there...