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THE LONGEST DAY OF THE FUTURE by Lucas Varela review

THE LONGEST DAY OF THE FUTURE by Lucas Varela – a retrospective  THE LONGEST DAY OF THE FUTURE. Story and art by Lucas Varela. Fantagraphics : 1st edition September 2016.  This pantomime comics tale is set in a retro-futuristic city of...

OUTSIDE CIRCLE graphic novel review

Pete is a First Nations teenager caught up in Edmonton gang life, incarcerated when he kills his mother’s abusive junkie boyfriend. Is this the end – or a beginning ? THE OUTSIDE CIRCLE tells a compelling story of crime, punishment, and redemption. And it’s got great illustration, too.

Earth’s Mightiest Recap – The Avengers #380-390

And there came a day unlike any other, when an internet blogger arms himself with a Marvel Unlimited account and Avengers soundtrack playlist on Spotify, on that day, this recap was born, to chronicle the entire series of the Avengers!...