INSTRUMENTS of DESTRUCTION The Hasbro Comic Universe Podcast

9INSTRUMENTS of DESTRUCTION is Outright Geekery’s podcast dedicated to IDW Publishing’s Hasbro action line of comics! Co-hosts Gaumer and Adam bring you news, reviews, and previews from the best shared-universe in comics. TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, ROM, MICRONAUTS, ACTION MAN, M.A.S.K. and more! From Cybertron to Autobot City and beyond, we’ve got the entire IDW Publishing Hasbro Action line covered!

Meet the Hosts


Ryan Gaumer (or just plain, old Gaumer) is the Chief Administrative Officer of Outright Geekery.

Reader, writer, reviewer, podcast host.

All-around nerd. Star Trek lover. ’80s Toys adorer. Comic Book romantic. Pastry connoisseur.

Adam Normal

host bios will go here and will likely be a paragrpah or so in length, including a background of the person. like, dislikes, history in the medium, etc. should all be incluided.

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