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Geek Savz- The Native Nerds Podcast. Where Natives Nerd geek out on Geek Culture. We rant about Comic Book Movies, Sci Fi, Horror, Super Heroes, and anything cool! We also react to Native Americans in pop culture. We offer a little indigenous perspective while speaking to your inner geek.

Meet the Hosts

Eli Funaro

Geek Savz


Writer at Outright Geekery. Caster of Pods on Geek Savz and Comic Book Bullies, Nerdy Metalhead. Grindcore Jedi. Loves Star Wars, Horror Flicks, Batman and Pizza. Plays drums really fast and badly for a bunch of death metal bands you’ve never heard of.

Travis Bush
TKA (Tycoon Known As) Fat-T

Geek Savz


Original podcaster on Geek Savz. Union Mohawk Ironworker. Master Ninja of Ninja Gaiden. All Madden 20 bucks a game “get at me”. N.Y.H.C. Still lives! Thresh Metal too. How can Hip Hop be dead when Wu-Tang Clan is Forever! Yay Area Rap. I’m a Nazi when it comes to Italian food. “The Punisher is the real dope homie.” The Predator. Dinosaurs. The Raid movies. Luke Skywalker is the truth. And I do more at work in my first two hours than most of yous do all week.

Isaiah Mahto AKA Izzy

Geek Savz

Co-host at Geek Savs podcast. Ironworker. Mixed Martial Artist, Cage Fighter, Choke dealer. Face Puncher. Mosh Pit Master.
All things Hip Hop, Metal, Hardcore and nerd shit.

“We live in a day where comic books get you laid, you dig?”

Anthony “the Sound Guy” Columbus

Geek Savz

Professional Sound Engineer, World Traveling Adventurer, Death Metal Jukebox Hero, Horror Movie Sith Lord. Whimsical Gentleman.

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