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Chvrches – Love is Dead Album Review

The Scottish synth-pop trio, Chvrches are back with their third album, Love Is Dead.  Forming in 2011 and releasing their debut in 2013, Chvrches have refined their synth-pop sound but added a political edge. I first actually head of Chvrches...

Who is Lūn? Lights reveals all

September 15th, 2017, music superstar Lights answer the question on fans lips. Who is Lūn? Background For those unaware, Lights released a new album Skin & Earth, to accompany this album Lights also created a comic of the same name,...

Skin & Earth #3 reveals a new character.

In issue 3 of Skin&Earth, Enaia Jin finds herself in a darkened state following a devastating romantic fallout. Still nursing her wounds while harboring a deep loneliness, she encounters a new and mysterious friend. The strange acquaintance seems to come into her life at just the right time. Does En finally have someone to share her borscht with? Will her desperation for companionship lead her down a dangerous path?