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Geek Picks for January 30th, 2019!

There is so many great looking books this week. IDW has a couple of new Star Trek books coming out. Art Baltazar’s got a new series geared for adults. And Elvira is starring in a book with the Gill Man. Find out if any of them make this week’s Geek Picks for January 30th, 2019.

Review: ‘Teen Titans’ #13

Teen Titans #13 Written by: William Pfeifer Pencils: Ricken, Paolo Pantalla and Noel Rodriguez Inks: Trevor Scott, Johnny Destardinis and Paolo Pantalla Cover: Ethan Van Sciver and Andrew Dalhousie Variant Cover: Aaron Lopresti The Teen Titans are back baby and...

Review: Teen Titans #1

Review: Teen Titans #1 Written by Will Pfeifer Art by Kenneth Rocafort and Dan Brown The Teen Titans are back! Can Red Robin and the crew redeem themselves after the incredibly less than stellar run by Scott Lobdell and become...