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WhoDooTV is comic-centric video/YouTube channel with a focus on independent and creator owned titles. There is, however, a little Big Two talk from time to time. Subscribe to WhoDooTV on YouTube to stay connected with reviews, interviews, and join the Weekly New Comics Live Chat every Tuesday at 6:30 PM/PST at WhoDooTV.

Meet the Hosts

“WhoDoo” Hooser


Justice League wallpaper and pictures of Adam West as The Caped Crusader covered the walls of my childhood bedroom. I was hooked on comics at a young age. My first love was Batman & Martian Manhunter, then The Valiant Universe, and now many creator owned titles. I enjoy many genres of comics, and all the things related to comics.

Always looking for a new book, any recommendations?
Find me @WhoDooTV on Twitter.

Guest Hosts


WhoDooTV has a rotating crew of guest host. Any given week you may see Jared Cook @BestJaredCook, Chris “Thee Bald Moose” Amundson @THEEBaldMoose, a Get Valiant! Host @TheGetValiant, or even a guest comic creator here and there.

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