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Welcome to The Wrestling Council – a professional wrestling podcast hosted by Boogie Bentley, Antonio Brice, and Uel Carter. Join us each and every week via the Outright Geekery Podcast Network as we discuss WWE, AEW, NXT, Impact Wrestling and MORE!

Meet the Hosts

Boogie Bentley

The Wrestling Council

Father. Husband. Reader of comics. Watcher of sports. Boogie Bentley is the host of many podcasts, but famous for none. He’s been watching wrestling for over 30 years and had a brief run as a professional wrestler in the late 90’s. He grew up as a fan of the WWF in the late 80’s, but has a passion for Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling and 90’s WCW.


Antonio Brice

The Wrestling Council

Antonio Brice is a YouTuber and writer of the comicbook series Brand. He is a 30 plus year fan of professional wrestling enjoying NWA, WCW, Mid South Wrestling, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, AWA and WWE.


Uel Carter

The Wrestling Council

Uel has often said that wrestling reminds him of real life super-heroes. These two things and Dodgers baseball are the passions he has most often revisited. He now owns Fantastic Comics in Berkley, CA. His first memories of wrestling were accidental viewings at his grandparents’ house. Soon he saw Thunderlips in Rocky 3 and his passion was truly born. He has enjoyed WWF/E, WCW, PWG, Chikara, ROH, Dragongate, ECW, FMW, Puroresu just not the trash stuff.


Comic Book Bob

Commentator, Gamer, Super Nerd. Bob is cohost and regular on many podcasts as well as his own YouTube channel. A fan of wrestling for over 30 years, he attended his first live show at 13 and was hooked ever since. A fan of all things wrestling, he is especially passionate for the pro wrestling scene in New Japan.


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The Wrestling Council